A summer whale watching trip in southeastern Alaska will give you life-long memories of wildlife encounters. From Juneau to Homer, you'll find many opportunities to explore the spectacular seascape, from the open ocean to steep-sided fjords. Here, migratory humpback whales spend their summers feeding, and groups of whales work together to spin a "net" of bubbles around schools of small fish, then lunge to the surface simultaneously in a breathtaking display. Resident minke whales are solitary mimics of this lunge-feeding technique. Gray whales pass through the region on their migration, and a year-round population of killer whales patrols the coast.

Pacific White-Sided dolphins, Dall's and harbor porpoises, harbor seals, northern fur seals, sea otters, and Steller's sea lions are also at home here. The world's largest population of bald eagles is found here, taking advantage of the towering shoreline forests and wild salmon runs. Auklets, puffins, murres, kittiwakes, eiders, and many other birds are sighted throughout the year as well.


Gray Whales
Orca Whales
Minke Whales
Humpback Whales


Tufted Puffins
Harbor Seals