Pacific White Sided Dolphin


The Pacific White-Sided dolphin can be found in the North Pacific Ocean between North American and Asia. The dolphin is characterized for its white underside, dark grey back and light grey stripe running along its sides from its eye to its tail. The Pacific White-Sided dolphin feeds on hake, anchovies, squid, herring, salmon and cod.

It’s also known for its curious and active personality and often approaches boats. The dolphin usually travel in large groups of 90 individuals or more and occasionally in super groups of over 1000. They have a complex social structure and will often stay beside an injured individual.

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There are few things more magical in this world than watching a whale in its natural habitat. They are amazing creatures that adults and children alike can learn from through respectful observation. The intent of is to serve as an educational resource to learn about whales around the world, the importance of whale protection and conservation and to help guide you to locations where you can go whale watching.

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The regions of the world providing whale watching opportunities are as diverse as the whale species. Humpbacks, 40-50 ft. in length are found in waters around Washington state, British Columbia, California and Hawaii; playful black and white orca whales live year-round in the waters off the Pacific Northwest’s San Juan Islands and in Reykjavik, Iceland; the Azores are home to pilot whales and blue whales can be viewed off of Canada’s Atlantic Coast.

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We advocate for responsible whale watching and promote companies who are respectful of these cherished marine mammals along with the seas and oceans they inhabit. Whale watching operators from around the world use experienced guides and highly trained naturalists to educate passengers about the specific whales species they are seeing and at the same time provide a memorable and unique experience for guests of all ages.

As worldwide leaders in whale protection, research, conservation and education, we encourage
you to visit the following organizations and consider support of local whale and sealife
conservation efforts.

Pacific Whale Watching Association
Center for Whale Research
The Whale Museum
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